Online Cricket Betting Tips to Earn Extra Cash Legally

Do you have a hobby that gives you an excitement as well as some extra cash in a fun way? Let’s find out how to get them both!


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The Ultimate Guide to Online Cricket Betting Tips in 2022

Do you have a hobby that gives you an excitement as well as some extra cash in a fun way? Let’s find out how to get them both!

Conquer a Game that Offers Real Money Now

Do you know cricket? For those who know this game it's not a difficult question to answer but for those who don't let's explain what is this all about and how it works!

Cricket is a sport that has become very popular in the world especially in India, United Kingdom, Australia, and Pakistan. Like any other sports, cricket has loyal and passionate fans all over the world. The game has evolved over the years and you don't have to worry because there are different types of games that'll suite your gameplay. This game brings lots of opportunities than ever before for game enthusiasts to make bets on cricket matches easily. In this article, we will explain some online cricket betting tips that you'll find useful!

Online Cricket Betting with Its Charm

Online cricket betting is a game of wagering on the outcome of a cricket match. With an advancement of technology of our day, the game of online cricket betting has attracted numerous of new fans around the globe. Even though cricket betting is still illegal in some countries, players can enjoy the game legally on some online cricket betting sites, one of them is FUN88.

There are some different ways to bet on cricket matches for some different reasons all depending on where you are betting. If you happen to live in the UK for example, you can bet on who will win the match outright, or you can bet on individual innings or overs within the match. Other than that, there are also different markets available for live betting on cricket matches.

As you might have heard, online cricket betting can be both fun and profitable if you know what you are doing. Knowledge is key here so you need to understand what you are getting into! That's why you need to understand some cricket betting tips that will help you develop your gameplay!

Different Types of Online Cricket Betting

As said in the previous explanation, there are different types of online cricket betting. You can bet on the winner of a match, the margin of victory, the number of runs scored, or even individual player performance.

Match betting is the most popular form of online cricket betting and most played by fans. You simply pick who you think will win the match and if they do, you win your bet. Easy right? Margin betting is similar, but you’re predicting how much one team will win or lose.

Another one called, Runs scored betting is when you bet on how many runs will be scored in the match. This can be done by both teams or just one. Individual player performance bets are becoming more popular as well. Here you can bet on things like who will score the most runs, who will take the most wickets etc.

Best Cricket Betting Site

After gathering sufficient amount of information about online cricket betting, now let's talk about best online cricket betting sites in India. If you are new to the game, it's understandable that you find picking a good betting site a little bit difficult as online cricket betting sites offers wide different range of options available out there. Some sites offer more markets than other, some more focus on offering good bonuses and rewards to new customers, etc. It eventually ends up with player's personal preferences.

FUN88 is best online cricket betting app in India. You can get all you need from the site. FUN88 gives customers all sort of information and knowledge that players need from markets to bonuses and rewards, testimonies, tips and so on. FUN88 also offers the customers live streaming so that they can watch the match as it happens and place their bets accordingly.

How to Place Your First Online Cricket Bet

If you are an inexperienced player and looking to bet on cricket, there are a few things you will need to know about the sport before you place your first bet. We provide you this following guide to help you get started. To help you understand the gameplay, cricket is a sport that's played between two teams; each team consists of eleven players. The captain of the team is called the skipper. A team that wins the toss decides whether to bat or bowl first. This is an important decision, since it has a bearing on how many wickets can be taken in the game. If the team batting first loses all of its wickets, then they are out. The team bowling has a chance to take wickets and reduce the number of runs that the batting team can score. This brief explanation pretty much gives you some insight and imagination on how the game works!

As interesting as it sounds, there are a number of different ways that people can bet on cricket matches online. So, you are not stuck on the same boring game all the time. You can choose your own type of game based on your own interest. But, the most popular way is to bet on the outcome of the match. Other types of bets that you can play are game that's relating to individual players or even specific events during the match. As a general rule, you need to have a good amount of understanding on how the game works in order to be successful on the game.

One specific thing you need to be aware of is where are you going to place your bet. It's important to find reputable sites that offer great service and options. There are many different online cricket betting sites in India to choose for but only few can be trusted. One of the best online cricket betting sites is FUN88.

To place your first online cricket betting in India, you need to visit FUN88 and register to create your new account. The next thing it to deposit funds into your new-created account. Once your account is funded, go to the ‘Cricket’ section of the website and select the market you wish to bet on. Enter your stake and click ‘Place Bet’. Your bet will be confirmed and you will receive a confirmation email/text message shortly after that. Isn't it easy? Now, you are able to play your first game. Enjoy!

Online Cricket Betting Tips to Win Big Today

Here are some FUN88 cricket betting tips that you can apply immediately, such as:

  1. Look out for the best bonus offers. Most of the best cricket betting sites will offer a bonus for new customers. Make sure you take advantage of it!
  2. Make use of cashback service. A lot of sites will offer new customers cashback when they place a bet. This is money that is returned to you once your bet has been settled.
  3. Find a reputable site to match your level of trading. If you are a newbie, then you need to look for a site that has a low minimum stake. FUN88 is a good way to go! You can start off with very little money as a start.
  4. Read game's terms and conditions. This is important because this helps you choose which site best suites you. You don't want get a scam and also there may be some restrictions on some of their offers that most players are not aware of!
  5. Look for a betting exchange. Different sites obviously offer a very different betting experience. You can bet on the outcome of any event, not just sports related ones. Choose what's the most favorable of yours!
  6. Look around different events of game. There are many different types of events you can bet on. While some of these are pretty standard, there are others that may seem a bit more confusing. So, be careful with that!
  7. Read reviews. One of the best ways to decide where you want to place your bet is by reading reviews. Reading reviews is an excellent way to get information about any site. This helps players make informed and wise decisions about which site they should use or not use at all.
  8. Look for the best odds. Odds are a very important part of any bet. You will usually be able to find some pretty good odds when it comes to betting on sports related events, but you should always check different sites before making your final decision.
  9. Use practice money. For a starter, using practice money is a good idea. You don't have to spend your real money on things you don't fully understand yet.
  10. Stick to your budget. Having a budget is crucial. Once you understand a little bit of the game then you can start small while getting to know the game in the process. Increase your budget as you excel the game to avoid unnecessary losing. Look on how things work and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  11. Choose online cricket betting site carefully. It’s always important to pick a site that is reputable and trustworthy. Find a site that is well known and has good customer service, then you should stick to it. One of the best cricket betting sites in India is FUN88.
  12. Be careful about money laundering. This is always important when it comes to betting online. Keeping your personal information private is utterly important especially if you are using a credit card or PayPal to pay for things.
  13. Don't bet more than you can afford to lose. Similar to point number 10, this is the most important rule of all. You don't want to end up broke when your intention is to play a game that potentially generates extra cash while having some fun.

These cricket bookies tips sum everything up for players who want to try their luck on playing online cricket betting. By following the tips, we guarantee you that you will be able to have a great time betting on sports and make some extra money at the same time. Good luck!

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